Monday, October 22, 2012

Simon Petrikov's Newspaper Clipping

Shmowzow! More nerdery abounds.  Last week's episode of Adventure Time - "I Remember You" - was definitely the most touching (and soul crushing) episode of the series, and it seems like it has got a lot of the fandom talking.  It's certainly left me wanting to know a lot more about the Great Mushroom War and what all went down that basically wiped out (most of) humanity, but allowed other things to survive.  We've learned a bit about Ice King's past before, in "Holly Jolly Secrets", but we got just a touch more in this episode.  One little tidbit revealed was that he discovered the Enchiridion sometime before the Mushroom War.  This isn't stated in the episode, but there is a brief shot of a newspaper clipping with a picture of him holding it.  I haven't been able to find a very good transcription of this newspaper clipping - some of the words are tough to make out since he has written all over it and I think some of the words it blocks out might not be known by everyone -  so I thought  I'd try my hand at it.

The picture caption reads: Simon Petrikov delivers his latest find to the [obscured] Museum of History

Simon Petrikov Unearths Ancient Treasure 
Silly man returns from expedition with a marginally exciting discovery. 
By Bruce Guese, 
Andersoni[a/o]n Standard

It was a chilly morning that greeted the small gathering of hard-drinking journalists and curious pigeons.  The Impromptu press conference was convened by profession of archaeology and bon vivant Simon Petrikov.  You may remember Petrikov from that thing Fatu Hiva.  Well that guy is back from his latest expedition in the Hindu Kush or wherever. 

With much pomp Petrikov unveiled the most significant piece from the dig to a rapt audience.  Tuns out it was just a book.  At ratty looking leatherbound  manual whose title Petrikov had translated as "The Enchiridion". 

The cover, embossed with a still life and inset with a variety of gems was alright to look at.  

"The book seems to contain rules of conduct". 

For those unaware, Fatu Hiva is an island in French Polynesia and the Hindu Kush is a mountain rage in Pakistan.  The bird on the gate behind Simon, as well as the landscape behind him in his videos in "Holly Jolly Secrets", suggest that he is in Russia, probably St Petersburg.  However, they could also look similar to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, and views that can be seen at USC, which could make sense considering that Simon was a professor. 

 Since seeing "Holly Jolly Secrets" I have been wondering if Simon was somehow accidentally responsible for the Mushroom war, or if his acquisition and use of the crown somehow triggered the return of magic to Earth and if this had anything to do with the war.   His discovering the Enchiridion adds to that theory for me.  I also have to wonder, because of the Lich's desire for the Enchiridion, if he was somehow involved in the Mushroom War as well.  I realize this is a pretty big jump in logic, but I think it would be interesting, and I have to assume that the Lich is ancient.  I'm pretty sure the mythology surrounding liches originates in Germany which has territory in Scandanvia, which is where Simon acquired the crown (though he doesn't say where in Scandanavia so it could be anywhere from Jutland to the northern most point of Norway, who knows).  

In the end, I have to remind myself that this is a kid's show and probably isn't meant to be analyzed this deeply, if at all.  But honestly, I'll probably be doing as much in depth research and analysis as possible to figure out what happened to make Ooo become the way it is.  The creators haven't given us much to work with in that respect, and I'm sure that's intentional.  Going really in depth into a war that basically wiped out humanity would be a bit dark for a kid's show, but it makes it super interesting for us weird 20 somethings who watch it.  

On another note, I just have to say how great I think Adventure Time is.  I started watching it because it's silly and it has some hilarious one liners and non-sequiters.  The more I watched it though, the more I realized is that thee actually is a really in depth story hidden underneath it all, it just comes out in really small bits and pieces that require putting together.  


  1. Our guy really liked this post. Waiting for more information :)

  2. Simon wasn't really the cause of the War it was already going on. Cold War, judging by the bits and pieces of junked 60's-70's technology. Also its believed that The Lich was the product of the War because if you watch Finn the Human he is seen walking from the explosion after it was dropped by planes along with other undead and Jake turned into The Lich after being exposed to the radiation and chemicals. I 'no-lifed' this; re-watching countless of times analyzing the episodes and putting together the clues. Also discussing it with other fans :)

  3. Simon possibly was in the state of California, due to both the background images and the wreckage of the area surrounding the U.S. 101 exit in “I Remember You” Also in Simon and Marcy the dried river they are walking through shortly before coming across the "Clambulance" greatly resembles the Los Angeles River.

    Bryan I would have to disagree about the time of the war,
    In many episodes you see computers in the wreckage and the song Simon sings in Simon and Marcy was the theme song to cheers which did not air until 1982.